Apologies as Drupal has been Owned once more...

It appears that someone injected an attack that damaged the Drupal installation once more, to try and get people to install a mining agent on their computer. We apologize if this has caught anyone! This website is a hobby, and we gladly support it on our own without asking for any help, donations, mining, or anything other then the occasional cheer and the hope that other people find this world interesting.

While we work to see about restoring services, it does well to reflect on the state of the internet. Startide has been a hobby since I first started working on it with several friends back in college, and the setting is one I've been keeping alive and sharing with friends when I can. Unfortunately, as a hobby it has to be able to manage on its own for long stretches, and that does not appear to be possible barring some structural changes to the website.

We expect to be back up and running sometime this summer. While the website is down, it does not look like any other hosted services have been affected. Surf safe, and we'll be back once more. -Indigo